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Theme Emerald Seven Black

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mirkogennari
Seven Black theme for the emerald window manager.
seven black theme manager windows linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020

Megahard Doors

Fluxbox Themes by gnuhurder
The default Fluxbox theme for Megahard Corporation's Doors operating system. Features flat colours, cheap gradients, and easy to see buttons/icons. Patents not pending. We stand by our motto: "Unlike that other operating system, this is only half rubbish!"
linux unix windows fluxbox
5 .0
Jul 08 2019

Windows 8 Metacity

Metacity Themes by sinner59
Windows 8 modern UI (metro) metacity theme. [u][b]Please rate it if you like or/and uses ![/b][/u] This is my very 1st metacity theme creation. [b]gtk theme is here:[/b] [i]Install into /usr/share/theme, otherwise Gnome tweak tool will not...
linux unix windows windows8
7 .8
Jun 22 2019

Windows 10 Metacity

Metacity Themes by sinner59
Windows 10 modern UI (metro) metacity theme. [u][b]Please rate it if you like or/and uses ![/b][/u] [b]gtk theme is here:[/b] [b]Install[/b] uncompress into: - /usr/share/themes/ - $HOME/.themes Then...
linux unix flat microsoft windows10 windows
6 .7
Jun 22 2019


Sawfish Themes by clemencyworld1
winter sawfish theme. Ported from windows 7 Installation: Move the archive to ./.sawfish/themes and use sawfish-config(Appearance) to set the theme.
linux unix sawfish windows
5 .0
Mar 14 2019

Rubberband Maximize Animation

Kwin Effects by alex2580
Window maximize/restore animation similar to Windows 10 How to install: - Step 1: Download and install the effect (choose one): a) If you have Plasma 5.15 or later: Download the effect through the System Settings: b) Else: Extract the folder...
linux unix maximize animation rubber band windows
7 .8
Oct 24 2018