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Aeon/Aeon-style for sawfish

Sawfish Themes by clemencyworld1
A desktop style inspired by Aeon theme by mrrste Both sawfish window frame style and Freeon style including gtk-theme, tint2 theme, wallpaper and xsettingsd config is included. Move or extract the frame style to ~/.sawfish/themes and switch...
linux unix sawfish tint2 xsettingsd gtk-theme
5 .0
Jul 04 2019


Sawfish Themes by clemencyworld1
This is a kind of metatheme concept for Freeon custom Desktop but you can use any of the components for your customization. This includes - sawfish frame style conky config xsettingsd config Numix based gtk and icon theme tint2 panel themes jgmenu config wallpaper and scripts to set...
linux sawfish tint2 jgmenu conky unix
5 .0
May 30 2019