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Chameleon Rounded Corners

Metacity Themes by krishna40
Chameleon with rounded corners Metacity Theme It Matches the color of active gtk-theme . Forked from Mint-Y-Dark theme. Works fine on Cinnamon & Mate . not suitable for gradient color schemes. Extract & move to ~/.themes folder
metacity chameleon rounded linux unix
5 .0
Aug 13 2020


Metacity Themes by novomente
WinColor Metacity theme. It is released in 2 versions: - rounded version with rounded corners - squared version with squared corners Looking for XFCE version of this theme? Just follow this link [url][/url]
colors rounded light dark squared linux unix
5 .0
May 20 2019


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]A Mac like colorful simple theme.[/b] There are [b]2 versions[/b] of the theme: * [b]normal version[/b] with usual titlebar size * [b]XXL version[/b] has larger titlebar (for touch screens) There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions within the theme...
colors mac rounded xxl linux unix
6 .3
Mar 19 2019


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]A colorful theme with glazy titlebar and nice effect when resizing a window[/b] There is a version with [b]customizable color[/b] as well as [b]predefined colors[/b] (so you can use different color for window border and for GTK+ theme). Are you interested in [b]XFCE version[/b] of this...
linux unix light colors glazy rounded
7 .7
Mar 15 2019

Bluecurve Revival

Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Metacity port of RedHat's Bluecurve KDE theme.[/b] There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions. There is also an older version (1.0) available for download. Follow the link to [b]XFCE version[/b]:...
linux unix colors redhat port light rounded
7 .2
Feb 15 2019


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Fresh theme with many colors to use.[/b] It is released in 2 versions: - [b]Gillet (squared)[/b] - version with squared corners - [b]Gillet (rounded)[/b] - version with rounded corners at the top of the window Wallpaper used on theme's screenshot:...
light colors rounded linux unix
5 .8
Dec 22 2018

Polaris with 4k HiDPI version

Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Dark luminous theme with many colors to use[/b] (usable also with GNOME 3). It is released in [b]2 versions[/b]: - The [b](squared)[/b] version with [b]squared corners[/b]. - The [b](rounded)[/b] version with [b]rounded corners[/b]. [b]There is also a version for 4k HiDPI...
linux unix dark shiny colors hidpi rounded
7 .4
Dec 22 2018


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Simple theme with many colors to use. It is released in 2 versions:[/b] - [b](rounded)[/b] version with [b]rounded corners[/b] - [b](squared)[/b] version with [b]squared corners[/b] There is also a [b]version[/b] with predefined [b]Clearlooks blue color[/b] (as seen on...
linux unix colors light clearlooks blue rounded
6 .7
Dec 22 2018