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Nord Openbox theme

Openbox Themes by the-zero885
A openbox theme with Nord color palette to combine with GTK+, Plasma and Kvantum Nordic theme. Based on: - Icons buttons of "Arc-theme" by horst3180. - "Nord color palette" by Artic Ice Studio.
dark-theme nord nordic openbox-3 linux unix
5 .8
Aug 26 2020


Openbox Themes by shaggyz
Dark theme for the openbox window manager. It's based on the Nightmare theme, using the Bear2 pixmaps.
linux unix openbox openbox-3 theme
5 .0
Jun 15 2020

shinigami -jungle

Openbox Themes by purnomoshinigami
include gtk2 gtk3.0 gtk3.20 openbox build on oomox
gtk3 gtk3.2 openbox openbox-3 linux unix
5 .0
Jul 09 2019