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Window-Maker Themes by uttarainfo
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linux unix
5 .0
2 days ago


Metacity Themes by g-nome
Metacity Themes For [url=]BlueSky Gtk+ Themes[/url] & [url=]BlueSky Cinnamon Themes[/url] Base on [url=]Arc-themes[/url] Have been test on Linux Mint Cinnamon 20 (Ulyana). [b] Install...
metacity themes blue bluesky linux unix
5 .0
Sep 07 2020


Ice-WM Themes by 5rimus
Theme for IceWM from KraMus - Team Please leave your wishes in the comments, the best ideas will be implemented in the next version!
icewm dark-theme macos linux unix
5 .0
Aug 29 2020

Nord Openbox theme

Openbox Themes by the-zero885
A openbox theme with Nord color palette to combine with GTK+, Plasma and Kvantum Nordic theme. Based on: - Icons buttons of "Arc-theme" by horst3180. - "Nord color palette" by Artic Ice Studio.
dark-theme nord nordic openbox-3 linux unix
5 .8
Aug 26 2020

Chameleon Rounded Corners

Metacity Themes by krishna40
Chameleon with rounded corners Metacity Theme It Matches the color of active gtk-theme . Forked from Mint-Y-Dark theme. Works fine on Cinnamon & Mate . not suitable for gradient color schemes. Extract & move to ~/.themes folder
metacity chameleon rounded linux unix
5 .0
Aug 13 2020

Fresh Look Emerald Aero 7

Beryl/Emerald Themes by amrikasir
Modified emerald theme from
aero win7 emerald linux compiz unix
6 .0
Aug 10 2020


Beryl/Emerald Themes by u666sa
Theme based on McHigh Sierra by vinceliuice ( set your gnome to that theme and use this theme with emerlad.
linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020

Theme Emerald Seven Black

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mirkogennari
Seven Black theme for the emerald window manager.
seven black theme manager windows linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020


Metacity Themes by g-nome
Metacity Themes For [url=]Bubble Gtk+ Themes[/url] Base on [url=]Arc-themes[/url] Have been test on Linux Mint Cinnamon 20 (Ulyana). [b] Install [/b] Extract archive file in the directory [i]/usr/share/themes/ (as...
themes metacity blue linux unix
5 .0
Jul 28 2020

Hide titles

Kwin Scripts by bahamondev
A kwin script wich hides window titles when maximized
kwinscript linux unix
6 .7
Jul 25 2020