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Zenburn for Pekwm

Pek-WM Themes by unheeding
Basically I recreated Futuretro Zenburn (a metacity theme) in PekWM. Quick and dirty, but I like the way it looks. Let me know if you like it! Version 1.2 includes ligatures/icons on hover that indicate what a button will do.
linux unix zenburn pekwm flat
5 .0
Jan 19 2020

IceNumix3 theme pack

Ice-WM Themes by ren-cs
Una adaptación libre del popular tema Numix para IceWM. El paquete incluye 8 variaciones. Estos temas necesitan de la tipografía Cuprum para su correcta visualización, la cual se encuentra incluida.
linux unix icewm theme icenumix3 flat pack
6 .5
Aug 25 2019

Windows 10 Metacity

Metacity Themes by sinner59
Windows 10 modern UI (metro) metacity theme. [u][b]Please rate it if you like or/and uses ![/b][/u] [b]gtk theme is here:[/b] [b]Install[/b] uncompress into: - /usr/share/themes/ - $HOME/.themes Then...
linux unix flat microsoft windows10 windows
6 .7
Jun 22 2019


Openbox Themes by lurux
A modern and flat Openbox theme, playing with light and dark. [b]Tips:[/b] Recommended font size: 9 Use the compact version if you prefer more narrow decorations ! Rotate the iconify button by 90° for perfect sidebar integration [b]Installation:[/b] Just double click the...
flat modern borderless linux unix
5 .0
May 14 2019