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DarkCold - 3xMetacity

Metacity Themes by originalseed
Package contains 3 Metacity theme for Metacity: DarkCold-First, DarkCold4, DarkCold5 See Screenshot 1 [b]NOTE[/b]: If themes will not load in Cinnamon try the instructions from this link [url][/url] Install: 1. unpack the...
linux unix dark
7 .8
Jul 18 2020

Materia Manjaro Dark

Ice-WM Themes by rainerhg7
Tema basado en Materia-Manjaro-Dark-GTK ( De las capturas.- Iconos: Mint-Y-Teal; Fondo: Wonderful View 0027 by Sanie ( Nota: Este tema no incluye íconos.
linux unix icewm dark materia manjaro
5 .0
Jun 14 2020

Materia Briz

Ice-WM Themes by rainerhg7
Temas al estilo Materia, con botones del conocido tema Breeze. De las capturas.- GTK: Materia; Iconos: Mint-Y-Grey; Fondo: infinity.jpg (apricity-os). Nota: Este tema no incluye íconos.
linux unix icewm dark light materia breeze
5 .0
Jun 14 2020

SB Themes Collection

Openbox Themes by SaShaMana
This is a collection of my openbox themes. Themes list: (listed also in the last screenshot) Monolith Monolith_light SBColor_monolith SBColor_round SBColor_round_light SBColors_XOS SBDots SBDots_light SBMono70s Tonolith Tonolith2 ...
minimal colored abstract dark light linux unix
5 .8
Apr 13 2020


Openbox Themes by SaShaMana
A simple abstract openbox theme. Edit: fixed padding and added light version.
linux unix abstract dark light
5 .8
Nov 26 2019


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Colorful theme for your dark or light experience[/b] There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions. Looking for XFCE/XFWM version? Just follow this link: [url][/url]
linux unix dark colors light
6 .7
Sep 08 2019

nu ICE theme pack

Ice-WM Themes by rainerhg7
Mi implementación del pack de decoraciones de ventana 'nu XFCE' por Novomente ( Me quedó muy similar. Probado en icewm1.4.2; en versiones posteriores no se muestran algunos pixeles. My implementation of the 'nu XFCE' win.dec. themepack by Novomente...
linux unix colors icewm theme pack dark
6 .3
Jul 31 2019

Ghost Nebula WindowMaker Theme

Window-Maker Themes by unxusr
Dark WindowMaker theme with colors inspired by the Ghost Nebula wallpaper ( To install it just extract in your HOME directory.
windowmaker theme dark linux unix
6 .0
Jul 13 2019

BlueObscure IceWM

Ice-WM Themes by luizfnunes
BlueObscure theme for IceWM. A theme in dark colors with blue as the highlight color. Install -Copy the BlueObscure folder to the local directory ~/.icewm/themes or to the system directory /usr/share/icewm/themes - Change the theme in IceWM menu or in the file theme, located in the...
linux unix icewm dark arch theme
5 .0
Jul 13 2019


Ice-WM Themes by ren-cs
Un tema oscuro y sencillo con un poco de azul. :)
linux unix icewm blue dark
5 .0
Jun 06 2019