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Maximize effect for xrender

Kwin Effects by koko2k
A modified version of the default maximize kwin effect done to reduce glitches when using xrender backend. Related bug: Video showing the problem (maybe watch it at reduced speed) You can install via...
linux unix kwin effects xrender
5 .0
Feb 27 2020

Scale Minimize Animation

Kwin Effects by zzag
# Installation For KDE Plasma < 5.15: * Download the archive with the source code; * Create folder for KWin effects: mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kwin/effects * Copy the package folder to the newly created folder: cp -pr package ~/.local/share/kwin/effects/kwin4_effect_minimizescale *...
kwin linux unix
7 .0
Mar 21 2019

Yet Another Magic Lamp

Kwin Effects by zzag
This is an alternative Magic Lamp effect.
linux unix
7 .4
Dec 09 2018

Rubberband Maximize Animation

Kwin Effects by alex2580
Window maximize/restore animation similar to Windows 10 How to install: - Step 1: Download and install the effect (choose one): a) If you have Plasma 5.15 or later: Download the effect through the System Settings: b) Else: Extract the folder...
linux unix maximize animation rubber band windows
7 .8
Oct 24 2018

Grayscale Effect

Kwin Effects by murat-cileli
Configurable grayscale effect for KWin window manager and KDE desktop environment. Download or Git Pull Copy "kwin4_effect_grayscale" folder to "/usr/share/kwin/effects" Copy "kwin4_effect_grayscale.desktop" to "/usr/share/kservices5/kwin" Add "kwin4_effect_grayscaleEnabled=true" to...
linux unix grayscale effect kwin kde kde5
6 .3
Sep 25 2018

OSD Clock

Kwin Effects by laloch
KWin effect that displays clock at the corner of the screen
linux unix osd clock effect kwin
7 .2
Aug 12 2018

kwin theme dark face

Kwin Effects by edoard
kwin theme dark face
linux unix
5 .8
Apr 20 2017

Sliding Plasma tooltips

Kwin Effects by nowrep
KWin effect reimplementing old Plasma tooltips animation.
linux unix tooltip plasma
6 .3
Feb 22 2016

Cool Effect

Kwin Effects by keluoinhac
Watch this video:
linux unix
7 .2
Mar 07 2014

Activity Switching Effect

Kwin Effects by ivancukic
A simple effect that animates the windows when the user switches activities. It animates only the windows that should be shown in the new activity. The old windows just disappear.
linux unix
7 .4
Jun 08 2013