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Cubic skydome (Static & animated)

Skydomes by Scifi00
Skydomes for compiz. There are versions at 1920x1080 resolution for single monitor and high-resolution versions for dualmonitors. I included two kinds of static cubes, one facing a straight wall and the other facing a corner, just tought it might me nice to include both versions if someone...
linux unix
5 .8
Nov 10 2010

Mars "earthlike"

Skydomes by CHW
I adapted geotromo's Skydrome from to look more like a desert on earth.
linux unix
5 .8
Feb 02 2010


Skydomes by hitokiri-sama
linux unix
5 .0
Jan 08 2010

Ubuntu Mars

Skydomes by Madonkadonk
An edit of the Mars theme to make it more well Ubuntuee.
linux unix
5 .8
Dec 06 2009

John Gagne

Skydomes by johnjgagne
Pink Floyd The Wall (2048x1024) Screenshoot is not full size...
linux unix
5 .0
Nov 22 2009

Earth Orbit

Skydomes by daedalusinfinity
Low earth orbit - visible are the sun, Earth, and moon. Unlike some of the other planet/moon skydomes out there, this one actually has light/shadows going the right way :P I adapted this from This image was actually done...
linux unix
5 .0
Nov 10 2009

Sun and Stars always shinin bright

Skydomes by kingkompost
...use it as skydome... and remember the sun and the stars always shine for you and for everyone
linux unix
5 .0
Aug 16 2009

Compiz Skydome - Earth Moon Stars

Skydomes by stalin2000
Skydome for Compiz or Beryl Background for Desktop Cube
linux unix
5 .0
Jul 07 2009

Aci Castello Norman Castle(Not Animated)

Skydomes by joethefox
Aci Castello is a city in the Province of Catania in Sicily, Italy. The city developed around the castle, which was built in 1076 by the Normans. Designed for 1024x768 desktop resolution, static skydome (animate skydome unchecked) I hope you like it. bye 5-Jul-2009 Added KDE4...
linux unix
5 .0
Jul 05 2009

Milky Way Black

Skydomes by shakefu
A beautiful shot of the milky way with a black gradient applied to give just a touch of stars behind your cube.
linux unix
5 .0
Jun 02 2009