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Fluxbox Themes by keksi
just a simple black and white theme, based on a debian theme. the red used is the debianlogo red. if you want it in other colors, just change where #d70a53 is.
linux unix
5 .8
Feb 12 2013

Kingdom hearts

Fluxbox Themes by kimiko
Wallpaper included in theme (autoloaded) *This is not my theme, somebody else made it for blackbox and I fix a few things for easy install on fluxbox. Credits remain intact to their original authors. Fondo de pantalla incluido en el tema. (Se autocarga) *Este no es mi tema, alguien más...
linux unix
5 .0
Dec 22 2012

Clearlooks Fluxbox style

Fluxbox Themes by GotF
Style for Fluxbox to match Clearlooks GTK 2.0 theme. Ported from Openbox Clearlooks-Evolving with some additions, thanks to original author. Works best with 8pt height fonts. Please note that this style does not define any fonts because it's user's personal choice, so please use your...
linux unix
7 .0
Dec 09 2012

Faders Dark Edition

Fluxbox Themes by carlos158
basado en el tema Faders
linux unix
5 .8
Nov 29 2012


Fluxbox Themes by shaggytwodope
Little crappy Fluxbox theme, uses the front GohuFont you can find it here, totally free to use of course. I use it with dark wallpapers and mostly transparent terms. More edits to come to fix things over time lol. The min/max/close buttons use one image any fans of...
linux unix
5 .8
Oct 12 2012


Fluxbox Themes by sonlink
Malysss-inversio-gray is a theme adapted for the original theme for GTK2/3 by malyys
linux unix
5 .8
Sep 07 2012


Fluxbox Themes by leodelacruz
Updated: 2 setiembre 2012
linux unix
6 .3
Sep 01 2012


Fluxbox Themes by leodelacruz
[b]Port for fluxbox of Owl openbox theme.[/b] [i]Owl Rmx By me[/i] [url][/url] [i]Oirignal Artwork[/i] [url][/url]
linux unix
5 .8
Aug 23 2012


Fluxbox Themes by nunodio
To install: just unpack the file to “~/.fluxbox/styles/” (Will appear in User Styles menu or “/usr/share/fluxbox/styles/” (Will appear in System Styles menu) Feel free to send me your suggestions to a future version or let me know if this is useful for you.
linux unix
5 .8
Jul 25 2012

add_waita & sub_waita

Fluxbox Themes by gajm
Styles intended to fit nicely with the Gnome Adwaita gtk3 theme. For those who don’t use compositing with shadows, a good work around for the missing menu borders and better gtk2 theme integration: nano...
linux unix
7 .0
Jul 23 2012