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Ambiance Crunchy

Fluxbox Themes by frombenny
This is the Ambiance Crunchy fluxbox theme ! It's inspired by the Ambiance theme of Ubuntu with 4 flavours (colors of selection) and 2 sets of buttons (rounded and squared). The source files and the scripts are available in themes/00-Customizations/fluxbox. The theme is now closer to its...
linux unix
7 .7
Apr 24 2020

Sierra based on macOS High Sierra by Vinceliuice

Fluxbox Themes by juanfgs
This theme is based on the files of XFWM theme by vinceliuice, so all credit regarding images should go to them. The theme is still in progress --- Changelog: - Various fixes - Added an alternative version which has dark menus (matching the...
linux unix
5 .0
May 17 2018

AllBlue Theme

Fluxbox Themes by luizfnunes
A theme for Fluxbox with the predominance of blue color Install: extract the folder AllBlue in the path: /usr/fluxbox/styles or ~/.fluxbox/styles
linux unix
5 .8
Aug 10 2017