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Materia Manjaro Dark

Ice-WM Themes by rainerhg7
Tema basado en Materia-Manjaro-Dark-GTK ( De las capturas.- Iconos: Mint-Y-Teal; Fondo: Wonderful View 0027 by Sanie ( Nota: Este tema no incluye íconos.
linux unix icewm dark materia manjaro
5 .0
Jun 14 2020

Materia Briz

Ice-WM Themes by rainerhg7
Temas al estilo Materia, con botones del conocido tema Breeze. De las capturas.- GTK: Materia; Iconos: Mint-Y-Grey; Fondo: infinity.jpg (apricity-os). Nota: Este tema no incluye íconos.
linux unix icewm dark light materia breeze
5 .0
Jun 14 2020


Kwin Scripts by nopaste
Expose useful shortcuts to manage windows in a ultrawide monitor and, in general, in a high resolution monitor. This solution is intended to be an easy-to-use middleground between the default behaviour and the tiling approach.
linux unix
8 .3
Jun 10 2020


Openbox Themes by ju1464
Elegant themes on white, dark blue and blue tones. [b]Modes:[/b] [list] [*]Teja [*]Teja Light [*]Teja Dark [*]Teja Darkest [*]Teja Black [/list] [b]Installation:[/b] Extract file in [i]~/.themes/[/i] or as root in [i]/usr/share/themes/[/i] [b]Recommended...
openbox linux unix
5 .0
Jun 09 2020


Openbox Themes by ju1464
Smooth blue theme. Easy on eyes. [b]Modes:[/b] [list] [*]Snowblind [*]Snowblind Sunset [/list] [b]Installation:[/b] Extract file in [i]~/.themes/[/i] or as root in [i]/usr/share/themes/[/i] [b]Recommended...
linux unix openbox
5 .0
Jun 07 2020

4CLIX Emerald Revision Pack

Beryl/Emerald Themes by fenario
Revised versions of the emerald themes I already published. Added coloured buttons Included in pack are the fonts for the title-bar text URW Palladio ITU Regular and an alternative: URW Palladio L Roman/Regular Double click files to install
linux unix
5 .0
May 30 2020


Kwin Scripts by esjeon
A dynamic tiling extension for KWin. Kröhnkite is mainly inspired by dwm from suckless folks, and aims to be "simple" in both development and usage. Features ------------ * DWM-like window tiling - Dynamically tile windows, rather than manually placing each. - Floating...
kwin tiling linux unix
8 .8
May 31 2020


Metacity Themes by krishna40
Chameleon Metacity Theme It Matches the color of active gtk-theme . Forked from Mint-Y-Dark theme. Works fine on Cinnamon & Mate . not suitable for gradient color schemes. Extract & move to ~/.themes folder
chameleon metacity matching linux unix
6 .0
May 29 2020


Metacity Themes by Initu
Yaru-Metacity theme for Cinnamon and Mate.
linux unix
6 .0
May 24 2020


Ice-WM Themes by MarcusMoeller
This IceWM theme is inspired by the default theme of Trisquel GNU/Linux. It is heavily based on the iceskel theme, which has been created by ren-cs, the one who has propably designed the world most IceWM themes. The archive contains an IceWM and a GTK2/GTK3 theme that suits well. The...
linux unix
8 .1
May 24 2020