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Nord Openbox theme

Openbox Themes by the-zero885
A openbox theme with Nord color palette to combine with GTK+, Plasma and Kvantum Nordic theme. Based on: - Icons buttons of "Arc-theme" by horst3180. - "Nord color palette" by Artic Ice Studio.
dark-theme nord nordic openbox-3 linux unix
5 .8
Aug 26 2020


Kwin Scripts by esjeon
A dynamic tiling extension for KWin. Kröhnkite is mainly inspired by dwm from suckless folks, and aims to be "simple" in both development and usage. Features ------------ * DWM-like window tiling - Dynamically tile windows, rather than manually placing each. - Floating...
kwin tiling linux unix
8 .8
May 31 2020

Force Blur

Kwin Scripts by esjeon
Force-enable blur effect for user-specified windows
kwin blur linux unix
8 .9
May 14 2020

Dracula for Openbox

Openbox Themes by the-zero885
A dark theme for Openbox WM based on the Dracula color scheme. It is compatible with the Ant-Dracula GTK and KDE themes. Place the repository folders: Dracula and Dracula-withoutBorder in the /home/your-user/.themes directory and select with the Openbox...
dracula openbox lxqt lxde dark-theme linux unix
6 .3
May 12 2020

Keep Skype's Popup On Top

Kwin Scripts by herophuong
Keep Skype's Popup Window on top to easily access its buttons.
linux unix
5 .0
Apr 07 2020


Fluxbox Themes by eXpander
Fluxbox theme. Have fun! --Requirements This line in your Fluxbox init file: session.screen0.allowRemoteActions: True --Dependencies moreutils: FontAwesome: --Install Use the provided installer...
linux unix
6 .0
Feb 18 2020


Fluxbox Themes by eXpander
***Requirements*** This line in your Fluxbox init file: session.screen0.allowRemoteActions: True ***Dependencies*** - moreutils: - FontAwesome: ***Install*** sh ***Post-install and...
linux unix
5 .0
Nov 17 2019

Ghost Nebula WindowMaker Theme

Window-Maker Themes by unxusr
Dark WindowMaker theme with colors inspired by the Ghost Nebula wallpaper ( To install it just extract in your HOME directory.
windowmaker theme dark linux unix
6 .0
Jul 13 2019


Beryl/Emerald Themes by mitma
Another theme styled for Linux Emerald Window Decorator and Themes Manager, based on Vimix GTK Theme [1], with lovely light colors always inspired by Google Material Design [2]. You can find and download it on my GitHub account too [3], along with other themes for Emerald [4] . The desktop...
linux unix emerald theme light xfce
5 .0
May 17 2019


Openbox Themes by reorr
Including xfwm and gtk theme For more themes and full config you can visit my repo
linux unix openbox light xfwm anime
5 .0
Apr 29 2019