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Theme Emerald Seven Black

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mirkogennari
Seven Black theme for the emerald window manager.
seven black theme manager windows linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020


Ice-WM Themes by jackgrumbler
IceWM theme TrueGrey. Based on Grey Autumn theme by moonsn ( IMHO TrueGrey looks great with GTK3 theme Shades-of-gray-theme (
linux unix
5 .8
May 19 2020

Quarter Tiling

Kwin Scripts by Jazqa
Easy tiling script for KWin. Thanks to the simple tiling layouts and mouse-driven controls, the script should feel familiar to users with no prior experience with tiling window managers. The script is not supposed to be a replacement for a tiling window manager, but a simple tool to easily...
linux unix
7 .8
Apr 14 2020

Maximize effect for xrender

Kwin Effects by koko2k
A modified version of the default maximize kwin effect done to reduce glitches when using xrender backend. Related bug: Video showing the problem (maybe watch it at reduced speed) You can install via...
linux unix kwin effects xrender
5 .0
Feb 27 2020


Kwin Scripts by faho
Tiling script for kwin, featuring: - Four layouts, all mouse-resizable - One layout with the option to set multiple "master" windows ("M-S-+" to increment, "M-S--" to decrement) - The option to deactivate tiling per-desktop via keybinding - A...
linux unix
8 .5
Sep 28 2019


Fluxbox Themes by darkeye90
# UTouch-for-Fluxbox A Fluxbox theme to match the Ubuntu-Touch (Unity+Cinnamon) Based on the Ubuntu-Touch (Unity+Cinnamon) by Brahimsalem ( and Numix-for-Fluxbox theme by spaceille ( Requires the ubuntu...
linux unix ubuntu fluxbox
5 .0
Mar 04 2019

Sticky Window Snapping

Kwin Scripts by Flupp
[p]KWin script to let snapped window edges stick together when one window is resized.[/p][p]The script provides an easy to use configuration dialog, which can be reached via “systemsettings”. (However, note section “Bugs and Workarounds”.)[/p][p]Additionally, the script registers two...
linux unix
8 .7
May 27 2018