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Kwin Scripts by nopaste
Expose useful shortcuts to manage windows in a ultrawide monitor and, in general, in a high resolution monitor. This solution is intended to be an easy-to-use middleground between the default behaviour and the tiling approach.
linux unix
8 .3
Jun 10 2020

Move Window to Center

Kwin Scripts by artemisfowl2007
A simple KWin script that introduces a KDE Global Shortcut (Meta+C by default) for centering the active window in the current screen. Check the [url=]GitHub page[/url] for installation and usage instructions.
linux unix
7 .4
Apr 22 2020

Zenburn for Pekwm

Pek-WM Themes by unheeding
Basically I recreated Futuretro Zenburn (a metacity theme) in PekWM. Quick and dirty, but I like the way it looks. Let me know if you like it! Version 1.2 includes ligatures/icons on hover that indicate what a button will do.
linux unix zenburn pekwm flat
5 .0
Jan 19 2020

Unshade on Focus

Kwin Scripts by thismachine
Unshade shaded windows upon activation. When you activate a shaded window via a task manager, dock or window switcher, that window will unshade. Optional licensing beyond GPLv2: GPLv3 or later, or AGPLv3 or later.
linux unix
5 .0
Jan 10 2020

OneColor with 4k HiDPI and XXL version

Metacity Themes by novomente
A [b]simple modern single color theme[/b] with [b]elegant buttons[/b]. [b]There is also a version for 4k HiDPI displays as well as XXL version for touch screens[/b] If you are interested in [b]XFCE version[/b] , just [b]follow this link[/b]: [url][/url]
linux unix light elegant hidpi colors xxl
8 .1
Dec 28 2019


Kwin Scripts by zzag
A simple script that lets you shake a window to minimize all other windows.
linux unix
6 .7
Oct 31 2019

Curve10 color pack

Openbox Themes by Boomzoomer
Openbox colorpack
linux unix openbox
5 .8
Sep 28 2019


Openbox Themes by Boomzoomer
Redesign of old BB style for HD monitors.
linux unix
5 .8
Aug 23 2019


Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Colorful theme for your dark or light experience[/b] There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions. Looking for XFCE/XFWM version? Just follow this link: [url][/url]
linux unix dark colors light
6 .7
Sep 08 2019

Fluxbox Blossom

Fluxbox Themes by eXpander
Fluxbox theme pack for Fluxbox version 1.3.7. The theme is still in a work in progress, but ready enough for the large mass. Included in package: *Fluxbox style *Fluxbox configs (init, menu) *GTK2 *Icons: Combinations of Oranchelo + Candy + Oielcons *Wallpaper made by niivu:...
fluxbox linux unix
5 .8
Aug 18 2019