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Ice Water icewm theme

Ice-WM Themes by blue-dxca93
Ice Water theme for icewm losely based on 1-in-1 xp
linux unix
5 .0
Apr 13 2020


Ice-WM Themes by sixsixfive
A dark and simple X11 theme
linux unix
6 .3
Oct 11 2019


Openbox Themes by 0vv1
Oyster White on Mahagony Brown. Flat and slim. * more configs at
linux unix
5 .0
May 29 2019

Qogir for Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mcder
Window decorator based on the theme for GTK3 [url=][b]Qogir[/b][/url]
emerald compiz linux unix
6 .0
Nov 15 2018

Vimix-dark-doder for Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mcder
Theme for the WM Emerald based on the design of [url=][b]Vimix-dark-doder[/b][/url]
emerald compiz vimix linux unix
6 .7
Nov 17 2018

Sierra Compact Dark

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mcder
Window decorator based on the theme for GTK3 [url=][b]Mac OSX Sierra Compact[/b][/url]
emerald compiz osx dark linux unix
5 .0
Nov 16 2018

Royale VSQ

Metacity Themes by dobee
Royale VSQ - Modified port of my Royale Vista II XP theme for Metacity --- -Includes port of Royale Vista II -Wallpaper Emerald Port: [url][/url] Original...
linux unix
5 .0
Sep 22 2009

Humanfied Orbs

Metacity Themes by dobee
- Blended metacity theme with rounded buttons. - Designed to blend with most themes. - Includes Glossy Orbs versions. - Based on human and clearlooks metacity themes. -Includes rounded corners
linux unix
5 .0
Sep 20 2009

Royale Vista II for emerald

Compiz Themes by dobee
Port of Royale Vista II for XP --- For GTK: The Clearlooks, Clearlooks "Glossy" and Human-Clearlooks Metacity themes installed. For Emerald: Emerald Themer 0.7.2 or later(with pixmap and trugalass engines) Compiz fusion...
linux unix
5 .0
Sep 02 2008