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Beryl/Emerald Themes by u666sa
Theme based on McHigh Sierra by vinceliuice ( set your gnome to that theme and use this theme with emerlad.
linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020

Theme Emerald Seven Black

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mirkogennari
Seven Black theme for the emerald window manager.
seven black theme manager windows linux unix
5 .0
Aug 03 2020


Metacity Themes by g-nome
=]Arc-themes[/url] Have been test on Linux Mint Cinnamon
themes metacity blue linux unix
5 .0
Jul 28 2020

Hide titles

Kwin Scripts by bahamondev
A kwin script wich hides window titles when maximized
kwinscript linux unix
6 .7
Jul 25 2020

KWin dynamic workspaces

Kwin Scripts by d86leader
A kwin script that creates and deletes desktops as you move windows on the last one. I intented to replicate some of gnome-desktop's behavior with moving windows around. As this is a simple script for satisfying my needs, it only workds horizontally left-toright. The behaviour is...
linux unix
5 .8
Jul 22 2020

DarkCold - 3xMetacity

Metacity Themes by originalseed
][/url] Install: 1. unpack the downloaded file
linux unix dark
7 .8
Jul 18 2020


Metacity Themes by g-nome
=]Arc-themes[/url] Have been test on Linux Mint Cinnamon
metacity themes cinnamon mint linux unix
5 .0
Jul 15 2020

Virtual Desktops Only On Primary

Kwin Scripts by wsdfhjxc
This is a KWin script that brings a feature similar to GNOME Mutter's [code]workspaces-only-on-primary[/code] option, that is switchable virtual desktops on the primary monitor, and non-switchable virtual desktops on other monitors. The script is intended to be used with KWin running under...
linux unix virtual desktops primary workspaces monitor
6 .5
Jun 27 2020

Simply Circles

Metacity Themes by ju1464
Flat Metacity to match Simply Circles themes. [b]Installation:[/b] Extract file in [i]~/.themes/[/i] or as root in [i]/usr/share/themes/[/i] [b]Recommended use it corresponding GTK theme:[/b] [list] [*][url=]Simply...
linux unix metacity
5 .0
Jun 22 2020

E5150 Openbox

Openbox Themes by ju1464
Dark colors monochromatic themes based. [b]Modes:[/b] [list] [*]Blue [*]Cyan [*]Green [*]Orange [*]Purple [*]Red [/list] [b]Installation:[/b] Extract file in [i]~/.themes/[/i] or as root in [i]/usr/share/themes/[/i] [b]Recommended...
openbox linux unix
6 .0
Jun 18 2020