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debian-ultra 1.0 WindowMaker theme

Window-Maker Themes by dadoprom
debian-ultra 1.0 WindowMaker theme - standart WMAKER theme with custom modern dock tile...
gnustep modern wmaker linux unix
5 .0
Jul 27 2019

PineWM v2

Window-Maker Themes by zinjanthr0pus
I completely overhauled my PineWM WindowMaker theme and the accompanying GNUstep theme. I think
earthy pine green gnustep linux unix
5 .0
Jun 01 2019


Window-Maker Themes by zinjanthr0pus
done better, but it does the trick. I've also included my ReactionaryPine GNUstep theme here in case
earthtones pine oldschool retro gnustep linux unix
5 .0
Mar 24 2019