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This is a script that provides a window grouping system, similar as in some window managers.

Groups, as implemented in this script, are kind of a replacement for virtual desktops. A window can be added to multiple groups at the same time, and windows from different groups can be shown together or hidden on demand. Also, actual virtual desktops are completely ignored while using window groups, because it'd be too confusing to mix these concepts together. However, the regular virtual desktops workflow can be recreated with this script.

The script isn't very convenient in regard to user experience in its current state - no visual cues, indicators etc.

That's no longer true, at least to some extent. Please see the section about setting up the panel widget.

Configuration and usage

After enabling the script, and while still being in the System Settings, you should head up to the Shortcuts section and select the KWin component, as the script is mostly controllable through keyboard shortcuts.

There are 10 available window groups which can be used, and there are 3 actions that can be invoked for each of the groups. In total there are 30 keyboard shortcuts, but you don't need to set up all of them.

The keyboard shortcuts allow you to toggle a group on the active window (add it to the group, or remove it), show or hide windows from a specific group (e.g. show windows from group 1 and group 3), and show exclusively windows from a specific group (in such case, all windows not present in that group will be hidden).

Besides the keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the window actions menu (right-click on the titlebar) to add or remove windows from specific groups. That requires some clicking though, due to a couple of nested menus.

By default, all new windows are added to groups which are visible at the moment of their opening. It means that when group 1 and group 3 are set to be shown, a new window will be added to both these groups.

Available keyboard shortcuts

  • Add/remove window to/from group 1..10
  • Show/hide windows from group 1..10
  • Show exclusively windows from group 1..10

Note: All keyboard shortucts have Simple Window Groups prefix for easier recognition.

Setting up the panel widget

The script sends data about its current state (used groups, visible groups) to the Do It Yourself Bar plasmoid.

You can put an instance of that plasmoid in a Plasma's panel or Latte Dock. Please refer to the installation and configuration instructions in the plasmoid's readme. Everything is clearly explained there.

Important information

  • The plasmoid's instance ID should be set to 750
  • Labels and indicators for used groups use visual style A
  • Labels and indicators for visible groups use visual style B
  • Labels and indicators for visible & unused groups use style C

In case of some terrible things that could happen

Potentially, there is a chance that your windows might become unaccessible.

In order to restore the windows, open KRunner (Alt+Space), launch Konsole and run:
kwin_x11 --replace & disown
Last changelog:

1.1 5 months ago


  • Fixed an issue with window focus tracking
  • Rewritten some things in regard to group structure

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1.1 5 months ago


  • Fixed an issue with window focus tracking
  • Rewritten some things in regard to group structure

1.0 5 months ago

This is the initial release.

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