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I think Crux may be one of the greatest window decoration styles ever conceived. As such I have attempted to port it to to emerald. I will say that I've found it difficult to figure out how to get it to look right with the colorschemes I generally use for my desktop, but here it is all the same. I will probably continue to add additional colorschemes to this page, so check back every now and then! Also, if anyone wants to try to make a script to recolor this theme faster you will have my eternal gratitude.

The colorschemes that I've included to start with are crux chaos, and krooks, which are similar colors to the crux chaos and krooks gkrellm skins, respectively. The third is SteelBlueCrux, based on the SteelBlueSilk Qt5 colorscheme.

Unfortunately, I think the original creator of crux will be forever lost to history, but I did use a lot of assets from the "Crux2" xfwm4 theme (, though not exclusively. My thanks to that creator!

One last note: I've decided to include the krita document files I used when creating these themes, which will make it easier for people to create their own colorschemes if they want. Please do!
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New color 9 months ago

Added a colorscheme to go with Reactionary Earthtones

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New color 9 months ago

Added a colorscheme to go with Reactionary Earthtones

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