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A dark glassy Emerald theme, with lots of window border buttons: menu, shade, stick, above, minimize, maximize and close.

It goes very well with a dark theme, in example BlackMate or E17gtk in MATE desktop environment. Some great icon themes to go with it are Faba-Mono, nouveGnomeGray, Fakete, Blackv1.02 or Monotone. Also looks great with Sardi and Lila HD.

This is a mod of Sky theme by Xinix.

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v0.0.2 - Left, right and bottom borders all set to 4 px. It's prettier that way!

v0.0.1 - Initial release

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You need Compiz as your window manager to install Emerald themes. How to install Emerald themes in Ubuntu 16.04 based operating systems:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:manatails/emerald
sudo apt update
sudo apt install emerald compizconfig-settings-manager

Open CCSM (compizconfig settings manager), go to Effects -> Window Decoration and replace "/usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator" with "emerald --replace &". Logout or reboot so it takes effect.

Then launch Emerald Theme Manager from your menu and import your downloaded theme.
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