A script that automatically tiles new windows up to quarters but also adds min size limits of half and full, inspired by the quarter tiling script but build from scratch. It's my personal daily driver and an ongoing project so I will be adding new functionality that I deem necessary for my workflow.

Check the GitHub page to install it

A short features list (you can find the full list on GitHub)

- allows to set margins as defined by *topMargin* *bottomMargin* *leftMargin* *rightMargin*
- allows to set the gap size as defined by *gap*
- allows to adjust the opacity as defined by *opacity*
- allows to adjust default opacity toggle *noOpacity*
- allows to adjust default borders toggle *noBorders*
- automatically tile windows, up to a maximum of 4 clients per (internal) virtual desktop, new clients are first attempted to be added to your current desktop
- allows the restriction of minimum tile size of certain clients (full/half clients lists) as defined by *fullClients* and *halfClients*
- allows to switch between transparant clients (global shortcut)
- allows to switch between bordered clients (global shortcut)
- offers global shortcuts to move clients, both between virtual desktops and inside a virtual desktop
- offers global shortcuts to close all clients on a virtual desktop
- allows to dynamically resize windows up to a minimum as defined by *dividerBounds*
- allows to dynamically resize windows using global shortcuts and user handling
- allows to switch windows by dragging them outside of their own size defined by *moveThreshold*
- also works for applications which enforce their own geometry on startup (most of the time)
- allows to maximize client (with gaps) by global shortcut
- allows to add to ignored lists (clients, captions) defined by *ignoredClients* and *ignoredCaptions*
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