Do you like to use GNOME but are too poor to run it decently? Do you love everything about GNOME 3 except actually having to use it? Do you like default themes? Do you hate unnecessary padding? If the answer for some of those is yes, then this might be your new favourite theme.

Basically I tried to mimic the default Adwaita desktop which I find quite nice, but removing all the unpractical stuff. So no huge buttons, no huge panels, just a plain Gnome 3 look and feel for your fluxbox desktop. I left Cantarell as the default font just to be more faithful to GNOME 3, still I find that font really bad so I recommend Droid Sans instead.

This theme is somewhat based on Luko-Flux by Tenner, and by somewhat based I mean that almost anything from the original remains.

I hope you enjoy this.
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