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This is Thomas Lübking's "Screen Snapping" KWin script, now for KDE Plasma 5. A couple of new problems that appeared in KDE5 are fixed: configuration dialog works again, and newly-placed windows will be properly snapped (if applicable).

Thomas's original description: "This overrides stock screen snapping and snaps to the decoration directly (unlike snap-to-deco which fixes the position after the actual snap and stopping the movement). In addition, vertical, horizontal, inner and outer snap distance can be configured independently."

To install manually: plasmapkg2 -i screenSnapping5.kwinscript -t kwinscript
Be sure to go to System Settings -> Window Management -> KWin Scripts, to enable (and configure if desired) after installing.


4 months ago

A couple of problems:

1. Snapping to the bottom edge while resizing doesn't work.
2. Snapping to the left edge while resizing doesn't work when part of the window is above or bellow the screen real estate.
3. Same as 2, but for the right edge.


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