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JGD-Black is my very first Openbox theme. With a sleek Black, Silver and White design, it will make your Openbox look as clean as your system that screams with speed!

The first screenshot shows JGD-Black in Openbox with the Lubuntu-dark-panel icons. The font (changed in obconf) is DejaVu Sans Bold Semi-Condensed.

How to install and use:
The easiest way to install JGD-Black is via the terminal.
[li]Download the tar.gz file from here[/li]
[li]Navigate to your Downloads folder in the terminal (usually titled Downloads). Type cd Downloads[/li]
[li]Type ls and look for JGD-Black-01.tar.gz. *Note the version number may change.[/li]
[li]Untar the file by typing tar -zxvf JGD-Black-01.tar.gz[/li]
[li]type cd again to get to your home folder; type ls -a and see if there is a .themes directory.[/li]
[li]If one doesn't exist, create one: mkdir .themes[/li]
[li]cd Downloads[/li]
[li]mv JGD-Black ../.themes[/li]
[li]Type obconf to open Openbox Configuration Manager and switch the theme to JGD-Black[/li]

A new, complementing GTK2+ theme for JGD-Black is now available! See the following link: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/JGD+Black+GTK2%2B+theme?content=169995
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