ColorFlux is a Fluxbox co-style for the Shiki-Colors GTK theme by perfectska04. It is meant to be used with matching Shiki-Colors themes and Gnome-Colors icons. As an option the style is also bundled with some color-compatible wallpapers.

The color variations included are Brave (blue), Dust (brown), Human (orange), Noble (purple), Wine (red), Illustrious (light red), and Wise (green).

You can download the styles with the wallpapers (about 5.5 MB) or without (~ 45K).

See the included terminal_howto file for that nifty terminal transparency seen in the screenshots.

Unpack the files into your ~/.fluxbox/styles folder and you're good.

Shiki-Colors GTK theme:

Joakim Back's awesome wallpapers:

NOTE: To those who wish to modify this style please remember that the wallpapers are distributed merely for convenience as permitted by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. They are not under the GPL like my style!


1 year ago

1.2 (September 7th, 2015)
* Fixed download links

1.2 (January 15th, 2012)
* Default font changed to Sans size 8 for better legibility and consistency with the GTK theme.
* Every variation now features it's own wallpaper.
* Minor adjustment to toolbar pixmaps. On auto-hide it now displays a thin line where the bar is located.
* Tested with Shiki-Colors 4.6
* Updated contact info (since you guys have been just _pouring_ feedback and ideas on me. ;-)

1.1 (August 26th, 2009)
* Style renamed to ColorFlux (Box-Colors sounded a bit dumb to the author's ear)
* Now fully compatible with Shiki-Colors latest release, version 4.5
* All Shiki-variations, including Dust!
* Reworked all bitmaps for better quality!
* Some minor visual polishes here and there (if something bugged you, you will notice)...

1.0c (August 5th, 2009)
* Fixed some bitmaps to better conform to Fluxbox theming rules.
* Background aspect has been changed to fullscreen so the wallpapers should now cover the whole desktop at all resolutions.
* Bundled wallpapers are now 1280x1024 resolution versions (I got a new display :-).
* Also added style 'Illustrious' in this release.

1.0b (Later that May)
* Toolbar buttons now hilite when pressed.
* Included a urxvt color scheme that's easier on the eyes in the terminal_howto.

1.0 (May 2009)
* Initial release.

7 years ago


Nice stuff mate. Did you base it off of Royalty by any chance? Will give the themes a shot. Rated good.


7 years ago


Thanks. I did use a style I had as a template for mine, but only for learning purposes and it was not Royalty. After looking at the screenshot for Royalty, I have to say these are very similar looking though.



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