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IceGraphite Blackness

Ice-WM Themes by itzselenux
IceGraphite Blackness is a port of Graphite theme (Blackness Tweak) for IceWM put this theme on ~/.icewm/themes or /usr/share/icewm/themes recommended: Graphite GTK: Tela Icon Theme:...
black dark flat linux modern unix
Apr 29 2022

Saturglass with new black version

Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]Glassy colorful theme with saturated colors.[/b] New versions include [b]nimbus[/b] version and [b]black[/b] version. The theme named "[b]Saturglass single color[/b]" has only one color which is customizable from Gnome theme manager. There are also "[b]panel-backgrounds[/b]" which...
black colors dark glass linux nimbus unix
Mar 22 2019