Digits Big Tiny Font Collection 2

an update to [url=http://box-look.org/content/show.php/Digits+Big+Tiny+Font+Collection?content=166224]Digits Big Tiny Font Collection[/url]. A big collection of /mostly tiny/ bitmap fonts.

many of these fonts were created with an aim to maximise screenspace usage, while retaining readability. some are very small.


1 year ago

since version 1 of the collection, some more fonts have been added, and they have been organised roughly into size directories to help you find an appropriate font for your needs. ~ no longer necessary trying them all to find the one you want. yay.

i honestly dont know how many more ive added in the year and a half since i released dbtfc1. i havnt bothered checking. this release came as swiftly on a whim as the last. ;)

i tried to keep the collection reasonably clean, tho i know at least a couple of ~broken~ fonts are in there.

1 year ago


i could not get this to work.
i extracted them to ~/.fonts.
i tried the usual stuff needed for adding xfonts:
mkfontdir inside each directory, xset +fp <path> for each directory, and fc-cache -f
- they never show up in xfontsel.


1 year ago


thanks for reporting that.
i dont recall ever having to do any of "mkfontdir inside each directory, xset +fp <path> for each directory, and fc-cache -f". i guess i'm just one of the lucky ones for whome simply placing them in ~/.fonts is sufficient.

did my attempt to split them up into different directories just muck it up?
trying to reproduce here (yeah, my trisquel on the netbook does it the same). [edit: see possible fix at bottom of reply]

are you sure you have the necessities for displaying otb format bitmap fonts? [edit: see possible fix at bottom of reply]

does wastage not show up either? ~ it's not otb format. [edit : oops, did i not include wastage in dbtfc2... i think i meant to]

what os/distro are you on?
iirc, debian(-based) recently(ish) made a change requiring user intervention to restore .otb xwindow bitmap font capability. (i have failed to find the wiki page on that in a timely manner though) [edit: see possible fix at bottom of reply]

now up on https://notabug.org/Digit/dbtfc if that's of any help.

~ ah! 30 tabs and a lot of searching later, and i find this possible fix in the waybackmachine, hope this is what solves it: https://web.archive.org/web/20130917180917/http://crunchbanglinux.org/wiki/howto/font_rendering
see the bit about bitmap fonts? seems some folks have a real aversion to bitmap fonts that they've been getting disabled upstream by default. tsk tsk.



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