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I really loved the Intuition GTK and metacity theme designed by newversion2.
But recently I switched to Fluxbox, so the metacity theme became unusable. I missed the theme so much that I've ported it to fluxbox.

You have to use the GTK2 theme made by newversion2 to make all fit together. It's included in the tar.gz file.

The gradient didn't look good with the border of the windows, so I changed that to one color. Rounded corners can be enabled by uncommenting a line in the config, but they look quite choppy in Fluxbox.

I'd like to credit r5d with his bb4 theme too.
I used his Fluxbox theme.cfg file as my base config.

If you encounter any bugs or have a suggestion, let me know.


10 years ago

Please, could you share the wallpaper? Any info about where get it will help. Thanks for your attention!



10 years ago

......but it can be a bit to bright. Regardless, thumbs up from me.


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